Romans: The Gospel of Salvation Bible Study Program

Please join Fr. Ciprian as he guides us through our next parish Faith Study
on Wednesday nights 
at 7 PM in the Sacred Heart Parish Center beginning
on October 16, 2019. There will be 8 sessions on the following dates:

OCTOBER 16,23,30
NOVEMBER 6,13,20 (skip 11/27)

There is no registration required. Attend any or all sessions.
Coffee "and" will be provided.


Paul’s letter to the Romans has been at the center of reflection, conversion, and controversy from the very beginning. Romans: The Gospel of Salvation provides an authentically Catholic, comprehensive, and simple way to understand the overarching theme of Romanssalvation.

 Romans: The Gospel of Salvation explores the ways in which Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel’s prophecies, which leads to the universal, “Catholic” family of God.

In this 8-session program, theology professor Dr. Andrew Swafford and Jeff Cavins examine Paul’s letter to the Romans. Dr. Swafford and Cavins provide historical context and highlight the connections to Jesus and Christianity Paul makes with the Old Testament.

 Dr. Swafford and Cavins explain that salvation is not merely the removal of a guilty verdict. Salvation is about entering into Christ’s life and death and sharing in his eternal sonship.





In Romans: The Gospel of Salvation, Catholics will learn...

  • The Catholic teaching on salvation
  • How to explain salvation to non-Christians
  • What is required for salvationfaith or works
  • What Paul really means by “works” not leading to salvation
  • How Christ’s death changed our relationship with God
  • The meaning of the difficult passages in Romans
  • How we can enter more deeply into Christ
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